As part of Transition: Bounce Forward, Paul will be talking Transition, sPark It and all things Liverpool.  While the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the vulnerability and inequality experienced by many people in our communities, it has also demonstrated the potential for major and swift changes to reframe the purposes of our economy and our society.

In true Transition form our vision is not to ‘bounce back’ to how things were before. Transition groups have been crafting a vision of a better future for over a decade, that speaks to the needs for community resilience and a society with a focus on caring. So instead of bouncing back, we invite you to join with us to bounce forward.

This is one of a series of online sessions which will allow us to explore the reality of what is happening in our communities at the intersection of the Covid-19, social and climate crises, and also to look at some inspiring solutions that Transition groups have already developed in response.

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Join representatives of Transition LiverpoolTransition Llandrindod Wells and Transition Town Letchworth to explore how three Transition groups have been using these days of Covid-19 to dream big about what comes next and to take imaginative steps towards it.

Expect tales of takeovers of car parking spaces, a reimagining of how a town feeds itself and a bold and audacious plan for cycle lanes everywhere!

Chaired by Peter LeFort of Transition Network.

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