At February’s Transition Cafe, we held a screening of the launch event for Countdown, the exciting new global initiative from TED

If you haven’t already heard of TED, then we humbly recommend that you search them out at your earliest convenience. This organisation provides free lectures, presentations and discussions on almost any subject you can think of. No matter what your interests, there is probably an expert out there, and they’ve probably given a TED talk. From the latest scientific developments through to inspirational life stories, they are an incredible resource for the curious mind.

We were very excited to hear that TED, in partnership with a number of other organisations including YouTube, C40, Global Covenant of Mayors, Climate Reality Project, Climate Leadership Initiative and Project Drawdown are putting their weight behind a new initiative called Countdown. The aim is to build a massive global collaborative response to the issues of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Briefly, they have split the challenge into a number of different areas of focus: Power, Built Environment, Transport, Food, and Nature. If we can create actions that solve some of the key challenges in these areas, then we can be the change our world needs to see. This year is to be a year of engagement and activism, we are supporting TED to work towards D-day for climate change: 10.10.2020.

Please watch their launch video below, and sign up to the initiative here.