Our first Mersey Green Map Fair took place on Thursday 10th June. It was a gathering of people whose businesses or voluntary groups are on the map.

The evening began with a short talk  by Colm Massey, one of the Founders of the Solidarity Economy Association. He gave us a brief overview of the work he is doing to create maps that will grow a community of people who:

  • work in the green economy,
  • volunteers involved in green initiatives and
  • people who wish to shop in a fair, ethical and green way

Most of the evening was spent with people in groups talking to each other about the work they are doing. It was exciting to see connections made between people with similar aims and values network with other social enterprises and businesses. It became clear that although there were a diverse range of businesses and voluntary enterprises, there was so much that people had in common. As soon as people started talking with each other, connections were made and from the beginning there was networking around areas of common interest.

The evening was made special by having such a lively and vibrant group of people, all committed to green ventures and to promoting the benefits of local initiatives.


We are about to add MGM to its own website and this will be available for you to use it to advertise the work you are doing.

There were some initial discussions by Mersey green Map Fair participants about what shape the website could take in order to promote and support their enterprises and further their common interests.

We look forward to letting you know when the new website goes live.

Are you looking to make our community a greener, fairer environment? We are looking for volunteer who can help us with publicity, championing our map, fund raising and organising events.  If you would like to join us or want to know more, please e-mail us on merseygreenmap@gmail.com

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