In Rio de Janeiro, people stage a die-in in solidarity with George Floyd and to condemn police violence against Black communities in Brazil. Photo: midianinja on Instagram

Global resistance: From Minneapolis to Melbourne, from Lagos to London, historic protests in defence of Black lives have swept cities across the globe. The movement shows no signs of slowing, with many actions taking place for last week’s Juneteenth, which commemorates the anniversary of the end of slavery in the U.S. The demands to defund the police in favour of investing in Black communities have seen radical progress – and it’s sparking serious reckoning with colonialist legacies and systemic racism everywhere.

We know the climate crisis is inextricably linked to racism. Black communities and communities of colour face the worst impacts of climate breakdown all over the world, from extreme storms to crop failures, and disproportionately live and work in polluted ‘sacrifice zones’ on the frontlines of extraction.

It’s so important for white and non-Black people of colour climate activists to educate ourselves on the links, and how to show up in solidarity. Here’s a first step: watch this online workshop on dismantling white supremacy.

Note: This article was from our friends at, via their excellent newsletter Fossil Free News. Read the full article here.

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