Climate Café invitation 

A climate café is a simple, hospitable, empathetic space where fears and uncertainties about our climate crisis can be safely expressed.  You are welcome to join an online Climate Cafe organised by the Climate Psychology Alliance and share this experience with people across the country. The next cafe is on Saturday 17 th July 3.30 to 5.00 pm and further cafes and events are available on the website .

To book your place for a small charge click here.

New Youth Point – Resources for Young People, Parents, Carers and Educators Published: 23 April 2021 23 April 2021 Last Updated: 27 April 2021 27 April 2021. Whether you are a young person looking for ways to manage difficult climate feelings or an adult seeking advice on helping the young people in your life, we have brought together a wealth of resources that might help – Climate Crisis Digest: Meeting the future that’s arrived  Climate Psychology Alliance

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