As well as the charity and community organisations who are working with sPark It, we will also be supporting our creatives and artists, and so we’re pleased to announce Give Poetry A Chance, a Liverpool based initiative providing a platform for local poets. We asked organiser Dan Cullinan for some words about what they will be getting up to.

“We’ve been running monthly poetry events in various venues across Liverpool since February 2019. Our aim is to try and create and maintain a community for aspiring poets to thrive in, instead of seeing so many one-off events come and go.

Our installation idea for sPark It Liverpool is to host a pop-up poetry stand, where a roster of poets could perform to the public throughout the day. We love the idea of passers-by just being able to pull up a seat and listen to the performances. We will be creating an information stand that will share the work of Give Poetry a Chance, and people will have the chance to buy anthologies of our performers.

To make the performance as environmentally friendly as possible, we will be using recycled material for seats and a portable amplifier and microphone for performances.”

Find out more about Give Poetry A Chance on their website, Instagram or Twitter.

We have so many more amazing partners to announce in the coming weeks, but we need your help to make sure that sPark It becomes a reality. The crowdfunder is now 40% of the way towards our target. Please, donate, and share with your networks, friends and family.

Find out more about sPark It here.

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