Our Transition Core group has been continuing to keep in contact with the Solidarity Economy Association, the co-operative that has developed a mapping tool for co-operative enterprises with fair work practices.

Good News

The Solidarity Economy Association is a co-operative that is mapping small co-operative enterprises in two pilot sites, Oxford and Gateshead.

They are now launching the next phase of their work and Liverpool will be one of the next sites they will be working with. They have agreed to let Liverpool be the pilot site for this. Over the next month we will be receiving training and hope to launch our own system by the end of October or early in November.

We plan to include focusing particularly in 6 areas.

  • Food
  • Energy
  • Buildings
  • Transport
  • Re-afforestation
  • Community building

Development in each of these areas will be key ingredients as we reduce our energy consumption and live in ways that are more environmentally friendly. Our mapping project will begin with focusing on four areas:

  1. Encouraging small co-operatives and other small green businesses with fair business practices to take part and to add themselves to the map.
  2. Contacting community projects and organisations to find out what will be most useful to them about this project.
  3. We’ve been collecting information about the things that are happening in Liverpool and we will begin to put them on a digital map of Mersey City Region.
  4. We will also be encouraging projects to tell their own stories about what they are doing in their communities.

We have also begun exploring relationships with other areas around Merseyside in the hope of forming partnerships for taking the work forward.

Please pass on the link to this information on to anyone you know that may be interested.

For more information please get in touch with transitionliverpool@gmail.com



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