On Monday 16th May, Transition Liverpool were among those invited to contribute to a panel discussion organised by the University of Liverpool to an audience of 140 people. Read more on Low Carbon Liverpool’s work here.
Speaker Summaries
James Johnson – Liverpool Enterprise Partnership (LEP
300 offshore wind turbines are in development in Liverpool Bay, and the city is on target to meet the 2025 energy reduction requirement. The development of green energy will be consumer driven. A tidal barrage would produce 1% of national energy needs and would be intermittent.
Carl Beer – CEO Merseyside Recycling and Authority (MWRA)
There should be no waste; our main carbon emissions are from the production of stuff. Recycling can only reduce this by 20% so a reduction in consumption is the only way forward. Repair, repurpose, share, redesign,  are all essential and the top materials to work on are metals, textiles, plastics and food.
Peter North – University of Liverpool Geography Department
Calls for the new Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham to pull together all the local initiatives and give support to the reduction of marine pollution through waste. Also to tackle food recycling, both edible food to those in food poverty and composting/ digesting waste food.

Dinah Dossor – Transition Liverpool
Stressed the importance of individuals taking personal action (Be the change you want to see) of community based activities and highlighted the positive aspects of living sustainably and the resulting social and emotional rewards.
John Garrett Ullet Road Eco Offices
Presented some salient energy saving information on the Eco Offices and called for the Metro Mayor to set up a Merseyside Retrofit Hub to bring together information on retrofit for domestic and other buildings and offer advice, research and development in this field. Without effective retrofit, we will struggle to reduce carbon usage and tackle fuel poverty.
Janet Beer – University of Liverpool Vice Chancellor
Invited Mary Robinson, a passionate advocate of sustainability, to address the next conference of university vice chancellors.